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Chopper Detailing Shirt

This is the soft, long sleeved black breathable cotton shirt style that every biker loves. This shirt comes with our full four-color logo filling the back, our hat-tipping skull on the front left-breast pocket location, and our name down the right sleeve. Comfortable in all sorts of weather, and ideal for avoiding sun and wind-burn during a ride or as a soft night-shirt. Highest quality with double-seamed collar and cuffs, this shirt will last and last.

Available in Small, Medium, Large, Xtra-Large and 2X-Large

Price- $25 includes standard ground shipping

To Order Shirts: Call 912-786-0068 and ask for Scott or leave him a message with your name and telephone callback number.

Payment: We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover).

Free shipping within the continental US. All shirts are shipped from stock as available within a day or two. If not in-stock, delivery may take up to 7 business days.

Renegade Classics of Savannah
Hilton Head MotorSports is pleased to offer highest quality Detailing services at Renegade Classics of Savannah. Renegade Classics is located on I-95 @ Exit 90 - - 1 block east behind the Shell station. You can stop by there to arrange an appointment for detailing, or you can call them by phone at 912-756-6841.
You can also see them on the web at


Low Country Customs
Low Country Customs

For assistance with your motorcycle and for the best in bikes, it’s LCC co-located with Al's Cycle Repair  for all of your parts, service, supplies.  
Call LCC (912) 964-4422
Call Al’s Cycle Repair (912) 313-9772



Pimp Stixxx

Pimp Stixxx - AN ABSOLUTE MUST. These tools were created to help you get into all of the tight places and hidden areas where dirt might gather. Remember - When any surfaces are left dirty, they can attract and hold moisture, causing the metals to discolor and even rust. I would go so far as to say that it is not possible to properly detail a motorcycle without a set of Pimp Stixxx.
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Microfiber Towels

Micro-Fiber Towels - If you are already using old bath towels, wash-clothes, paper towels or shop towels. STOP! The cause of those tiny scratches in your paint or aluminum surfaces is probably coming from wiping off the bike with the wrong type of fabric. Buy a bunch of these, and change to a clean one as soon as you use-up all of the clean areas on a single towel. Purchase these in different colors and you will be better able to associate a particular towel with a particular chemical. That way you won't accidentally [for instance] rub chrome cleaner on an aluminum surface (using any chemical on a surface for which it is not designed can actually ruin the metal on that part of the motorcycle). We use an average on 8-10 towels on a single bike if the bike was only mildly dirty to begin with prior to detailing, and as many as 27 on a particularly dirty motorcycle.Shop for Microfiber Towels


FLITZ - A great cleaner for all metal surfaces. The most important benefit of using Flitz is that it is good for all forms of aluminum (polished, unpolished, porous, etc), Chrome and even Painted Metal surfaces. In other words - you can't accidentally ruin a piece of metal or surface on the bike by using an inappropriate chemical if you are using Flitz. The formula is non-abrasive and this cleaner can be used multiple times on a single surface without scratching or damaging the finish. Rub gently or with force, but do not allow this to dry on the surface. Wipe off while still "wet".
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Blue Away

Blue-Away - Good for taking out the discoloration common to many chromed pipes when it is accompanied by pant or boot-burn. Use caution when utilizing this cleaner - it is abrasive and can leave scratches in chromed pipes, especially those pipes that have a clear-coat finish on them. Rub lightly, and do not use this more than a couple of times - - it will actually remove some of the chrome material finish. Do NOT use this on aluminum surfaces.
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Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - The absolute best thing to use when removing boot-burn or pant-burn in pipes. Will not harm the finish or the metal, and will not leave any scratches. It takes a lot of elbow grease, but this material usually removes this type of problem faster than any advertised chemical-based solutions.
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Nu-Finish Scratch Remover - Great on painted surfaces for removing swirls or boot-scrapes (common on back-fenders when someone "misses" with their leg-swing while mounting or dismounting the bike). Use a little bit with a micro-fiber towel and work in a small area only at one time. Do NOT use this with any mechanical buffer or polisher. Rub gently and evenly, and do not allow this to dry on the surface. Wipe off while still "wet".
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Blue Job

Blue-Job - EXPENSIVE - but well worth it. Takes out pipe "browning" and "blue-ing" better than any other product. Will not scratch the surfaces or harm the pipes. Takes a lot of elbow grease and time, but does a better job than any other product, bar none. Use sparingly on small areas at a time, and follow the directions.
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Luster Lace

Luster-Lace - If you have spoke-wheels, then this is the product for you. Strips of fabric impregnated with cleaning and polishing chemical that does an excellent job. Great for use with Pimp Stixxx tools.
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Pro Clean Aluminum Shine

Pro-Clean Aluminum Shine - A good chemical to use on polished aluminum wheels, this polish will help to shine the surface and also "reject" buildup of brake-dust. Use this before finishing the job with Nano-Wax. Do NOT use this on any chromed metals.
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SimiChrome - A great cleaner for many chrome surfaces, and this cleaner may be able to remove stains or discoloration that you could not get with other chemicals (though FLITZ should take care of most of your needs). Abrasive, and should be used with caution and care, without too much pressure or force. Follow the directions carefully. Do NOT allow to dry on the surface of the metal - wipe it off "wet". Do NOT use this on ANY aluminum surfaces of any kind.
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s100 Engine Brightener

S100 Engine Brightener - The best way to get powder-coated black engine fins "black" again after they have become "grey" over time from the heat. Use the included applicator nozzle, spray directly on the fins, one fin at a time, and DO NOT WIPE after you spray this on the engine. Allow it to dry without wiping. If it drips along the edge or end of the fins, carefully dab a towel to pick-up the drip.
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Nano Wax

Nano-Wax by Eagle-1 - This is the ONLY finish wax that I use on all of my vehicles. This comes in both spray and foam form. I use the foam on the Hummer and on my wife's car, and I use the spray on the motorcycle. This is a true "spray-on / wipe-off" formula, and quickly and easily buffs to a liquid-look shine that lasts for several "washings". Spray the entire bike with this (except for the tires, brake drums and the seat). Spray the engine fins liberally and remove excess with a micro-fiber towel and Pimp-Stixxx. Spray the underside to make road-grime easier to remove. Spray the headlight, turn signals, mirrors, and other bug-attracting surfaces to make bugs easier to remove (you can even use this on your windshield or the face-shield on your helmet). You will be AMAZED with what this product can do for your bike, and the protection it provides.
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P21S Carnauba Wax

P21S Carnauba Paste Wax - This is a non-chalky wax, leaving no powder residue or ugly white stains on rubber or plastic. This unique carnauba-beeswax blend goes on and comes off with incredible ease and delivers a great long lasting shine. You will enhance and protect your bike with the natural wax that is the choice of professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Use this carefully, wiping and buffing while it is still not fully "set" or dry. Take time to remove any wax that gets into little crevices like logos or around small metal joints or it will turn black over time and ruin the look of the bike. Apply this as a final step for a hardened finish after you apply the Nano-Wax.
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Honda Wipedown

Pro Honda Spray Cleaner Polish - This is a special exclusive Honda formula - and it offers honestly superior performance at an economical price. We often think of this as almost a complete motorcycle detailer in a can (if short on time, using this product alone can clean and protect the bike and provide superior results for even a picky detailer like me). This product cleans road grime, grease and bugs without water. It is also a product that polishes paint, chrome, glass and clear plastic. In addition, we like this product because it protects vinyl, plastic and rubber. As a "protection layer", the Honda product blocks UV rays to reduce fading and cracking, repels water and makes it bead up like on a wax finish and [last but not at all least] has serious anti-static properties that reduce road-dust and brake-dust buildup.
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Protect All

Wipe-Down Cleaner - Use a high-quality cleaner/polish to wipe down the entire bike. There are many excellent brands. One of the popular brands is Protect All. This is a simple spray-on / wipe-off cleaner. Be sure that you use this on every surface of the bike, and buff to get the "polishing" effect it supplies. Remember - This is NOT the "waxing" step - it is designed merely for you to completely and thoroughly clean and polish the bike, the critical first step in your detailing.
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BLINGMASTER ALUMINATOR with nano technology is an easy, long lasting, fast drying application for polishing and protecting aluminum and other metals. It will impart a brilliant, mirror - like shine to your faded metal surfaces and to the surfaces that you already believe are “shining”. This product makes polished aluminum look like it has been chromed!!!.
DIRECTIONS: Wipe lightly and vigorously on dry non-coated surface with a clean dry cloth until polish turns black. Wipe off wet or when partly dry with an additional clean dry cloth for a brilliant “bling”..... Shake well before and during use, because product will separate. Do not use on any type of overcoating.
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DP Wheel Glaze
DP Wheel Glaze

DP Wheel Glaze is a cleaner and a polymer sealant that removes contamination from the wheel surface and creates a shiny protective coating. The cleaning agents remove dirt, brake dust, tar, sap, and bugs while improving fine scratches. DP Wheel Glaze even reaches into microscopic holes created by brake dust to remove it entirely. Wheel Glaze provides a high-glass finish and it contains no abrasives.

IMPORTANT: Before riding on those newly chromed wheels: Use this on all newly chromed wheels in order to harden the surface while the new chrome finishes “curing”.

As DP Wheel Glaze cleans, it deposits a clear, glossy layer on the wheel surface. This coating blocks out the sun, sand, salt, snow, acid rain, industrial pollution, tar, and brake dust. The wheel surface will then be smooth enough that brake dust will be unable to stick. Your wheels will remain clean longer, even in adverse conditions. DP Wheel Glaze resists high heat, humidity and extreme cold.

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Janvil Plastic Care
Janvil Plastic Care

Want to get rid of scratches in your windshield or other clear-plastic items? The Janvil Plastic Restore system is designed to work as a 3 part system to remove scratches, yellowness, haziness and abrasions from almost every type of plastic and acrylic surfaces. If you have surface damage or scratches you are trying to remove, you will need to use the full kit.  Full instructions are included! Easy to use, immediately effective, even on deep scratches or on windshields that are so “swirled” they are almost opaque. The JV-2000 Janvil Plastic Restore System (8 oz Size) Includes:
                                               JANVIL HEAVY DUTY SCRATCH REMOVER
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