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2004 Ironhorse Texas Chopper

SCOTT SHARER is an owner and rider of custom choppers and standard production motorcycles. With his first purchase of an American Ironhorse - Texas Chopper [2004], Scott instantly had an appreciation for the artistry involved in the creation of these machines. As he has purchased other bikes, this appreciation has grown.

As such, Scott has cared for his motorcycles as if they are works-of-art that can be appreciated on a long ride as well or when they are simply standing-still.In fact, the only regret Scott has ever expressed regarding his purchase of any of his bikes is that the artists who created them – the people who actually came up with the design, performed the metalwork, participated in the "build" and the final paint – did not "sign" their work.

Choppers - as - Art

Given this perspective of "Choppers-as-Art", Scott has developed a disciplined process for cleaning and caring for his motorcycles that, according to other riders and chopper- technicians, achieves superior results. "Actually", Scott says, "around the Low Country Customs shop they've started calling me a magician, but there is no 'magic' to this…I follow a very simple formula. If you want a motorcycle to be clean and showroom-new-looking, then all you have to do is:

first- keep it clean (which means taking a few minutes after each ride to, at the very least, wipe off the road grime),
second - make sure you clean the entire bike (even the parts you cannot see) and,
finally - use the proper tools and techniques for cleaning different kinds of metals, painted surfaces and other components, even the elements that are seemingly small and insignificant.

Spending Quiet Time with the Tigers

All it takes is time, focused attention and patience, and it helps if you enjoy the process as well as the result. It is just that simple and just that complex. For me, it is something that gives me a break from the extremely high-stress world of specialized communications design engineering for the government and defense industry (my other life). Some people fish, some people golf, other people go hunting or camping, my father refinished antique furniture - - I detail motorcycles. Along with taking care-of and spending quiet time with the tigers, it's how I relax. And – according to my wife - it is a lot safer than playing and wrestling with a 600-pound predator."

Low Country Customs Owners

The result of this "perspective on life, bikes, art and relaxation "became a relationship between Scott and the owners & staff of Low Country Customs of Garden-City / Savannah, Georgia. Impressed by what they observed each time Scott stopped by or brought his chopper in for service, the folks at LCC mentioned one day that they had, over several years, been unable to find anyone who could detail a machine like Scott. The conversation evolved as he explained his process for this type of work, while mentioning that this was something he liked to do in order to relax and unwind. Noting the LCC almost unlimited supply of bikes in need of detailing they asked if he would like to spend a day or two each week helping them out. A perfect fit, which has now led to ChopperDetailing.com, sort-of "the detailing arm" of Low Country Customs.

We're eager to Clean, Polish and Protect your valuable pride-and-joy, and we look forward to seeing you and your "ride" real soon!

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